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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One more attempt at EDF

Well I took the Hangar Queen (Max F-117 Camo)out last weekend and tried one more time to get it air borne. It finally took off after reworking the landing gear and drilling new holes on the elevon horns to increase upward travel.

It was able to do a few slow rolls but no loops even at full throttle. Just like it stalled out trying to do loops it stalled again landing and damaged landing gear beyond repair. Without landing gear and unable to be hand launch I trashed it for EDF and electronics.

Have now mounted EDF and electronics on a new foamboard jet. In process of checking amp draw, found out that ESC was not allowing for full load. Reset throttle throw setting several time with no increase. It would appear that it was about 25% off maximum (258watts vs 200watts) when compare to another ESC off another EDF jet. Might have been the problem with the F-117 all along.

Should be able to maiden new jet this weekend. It has little more than a 1 to 1 thrust ratio which should allow for hand launch

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